How Should UK Handcrafted Soap Makers Use Instagram Stories to Highlight Ingredients?

11 June 2024

In the world of handmade beauty products, the competition is fierce, and Instagram has become a key marketing tool for businesses in this space. Instagram stories, in particular, prove to be an effective way for UK handcrafted soap makers to showcase their products. This article will delve into how soap makers can use Instagram stories to highlight the ingredients in their products and engage with customers.

Leveraging Instagram Stories to Showcase Ingredients

Instagram stories, with their 24-hour lifespan, provide a unique platform for soap makers to share the behind-the-scenes of their business. This can involve showcasing the raw materials used in their products, explaining their benefits, and even demonstrating the production process.

Handmade soap makers should utilise Instagram stories to highlight the origin and quality of their ingredients. This will help to emphasise the all-natural and organic aspects of their products, distinguishing them from mass-produced alternatives. Highlighting ingredients in this way can build trust with customers, as they can see exactly what goes into the products they are using on their skin.

In addition, soap makers can use the 'Swipe Up' feature to link directly to their online shop where customers can read more detailed descriptions of the products and make a purchase.

Encouraging Customer Engagement through Interactive Elements

Instagram stories also offer various features to encourage customer engagement, such as polls, questions and quizzes. These can be used to involve customers in the product creation process, for example, by asking them to vote on which essential oil they would prefer in a new soap.

Handcrafted soap makers can also post questions to their followers, asking about their skin care needs and preferences. This not only encourages interaction but also provides valuable customer feedback.

User-generated content (UGC), such as photos or videos of customers using the soap, can also be shared on Instagram stories. This will not only boost the credibility of the products but also make customers feel valued and involved in the business.

Utilising Instagram Stories for Product Announcements and Offers

Another effective way to use Instagram stories is for product announcements and promotions. New soap variants, with a focus on the ingredients used, can be announced through Instagram stories.

Promotions and discount codes can also be shared exclusively on Instagram stories to reward loyal followers and encourage purchases. This strategy will keep customers excited and engaged with the business.

Collaborating with Influencers

Influencer collaborations can help handcrafted soap makers extend their reach and introduce their products to a wider audience. Influencers can review the products, point out the benefits of the ingredients used, and share these insights on their Instagram stories.

Soap makers can also arrange for influencers to take over their Instagram stories for a day to share their personal experiences with the products. This can give followers a fresh perspective and stimulate interest in the products.

Incorporating Lifestyle and Sustainability Elements

The story behind the soap, the makers, and the brand ethos can be shared through Instagram stories. This can create a connection with customers, who might share similar values and appreciate the passion behind the brand.

Soap makers can also share how their products and business practices are environmentally friendly, such as by using sustainable ingredients and packaging. By sharing these stories, they can appeal to eco-conscious consumers and position their brand as one that cares for the planet.

In conclusion, Instagram stories offer a multitude of ways for handcrafted soap makers to highlight the quality and benefits of their ingredients, engage with customers, announce new products and offers, collaborate with influencers, and share their brand story. With a strategic approach, they can effectively leverage this platform to build a strong brand presence and grow their business.

Making the Most of Social Media Tools on Instagram Stories

Leveraging various social media tools on Instagram Stories can greatly enhance the way soap makers can accentuate their ingredients and interact with their potential customers. From the 'Swipe Up' feature to stickers, polls and more, these tools offer a multitude of ways to engage viewers and increase the visibility of their products.

Handmade soap makers can take advantage of Instagram's 'Swipe Up' feature to link directly to their online store. This feature can also be used to give customers a direct link to product descriptions in their shop, making it easier for them to make purchases.

Interactive stickers such as polls and questions are also an effective way to involve followers in the soap-making process. For example, a soap maker could ask followers to vote on which essential oil they would like to see used in a new product. This not only encourages interaction but also provides valuable feedback which can be utilised to cater to customer preferences.

Another great feature is the countdown sticker. This can be used to build anticipation for the launch of a new product or an exciting sale. Utilising this feature can help to boost sales, as followers are more likely to make a purchase if they see that a sale or important event is imminent.

The Value of Showcasing the Ingredients on Instagram Stories

The use of Instagram Stories can bring transparency to the forefront of a handmade soap business by showcasing the quality and benefits of their carefully chosen ingredients. This emphasis on openness can significantly contribute to building trust with customers and distinguishing their products from mass-produced alternatives.

When choosing ingredients for their handcrafted soaps, many small business owners often opt for natural and organic ingredients such as shea butter or essential oils. By showcasing these ingredients, soap makers can highlight their commitment to clean beauty and the wellbeing of their customers. This can also be an opportunity to educate followers about the benefits of these ingredients for skin care, further adding value to their products.

Moreover, soap makers can utilise Instagram Stories to show their commitment to sustainability. By highlighting the use of sustainable ingredients and packaging, they can attract eco-conscious customers and position themselves as a brand that cares about the environment.


In the competitive world of handcrafted beauty care products, Instagram Stories can be a powerful tool for UK soap makers. By showcasing the quality ingredients used, engaging with customers through interactive features, and using stickers and the 'Swipe Up' feature to facilitate purchases, they can boost their brand visibility and sales.

Moreover, the emphasis on transparency and sustainability can significantly contribute to building trust with their customers and distinguishing their products from mass-produced alternatives. Whether it's a start-up or a well-established soap making business, Instagram Stories offer an effective approach to reach potential customers and grow their business. As a small business owner, making the most of these opportunities is an essential part of a successful online strategy. From creating engaging content to leveraging the various features of Instagram Stories, there's no limit to how creatively and effectively this platform can be used.